5 Things to Leave Out of Your Email Newsletter

The difference between an engaging newsletter and a terrible newsletter lies not so much in what you put into it, it’s actually more about what’s left out. More times than not, businesses get overzealous when creating their email newsletters, stuffing in every interesting piece of information they can.

But what we’ve found is that when it comes to newsletters, and email marketing in general, less is more. Trimming the extra fat makes for a more potent and better-performing email newsletter. Get ready to consolidate, because we have tips to help you simplify your next email blast.

1. Lackluster Subject Lines

When most people receive a newsletter with a subject line like “August Newsletter,” the only action they’re likely to take is hitting the delete button. What’s missing here is the value proposition. And without this, the customer really has no reason to click into it and find out more.

Instead, give users a sneak peek of what you’ll be featuring this month by including an enticing teaser. For example, if our newsletter focused on SEO this month, we’d include a subject line like “The SEO Edition” or “What You Need to Know About SEO.” 

2. Multiple Topics

The nature of an email newsletter is to include multiple links and calls-to-action, and we’re not saying to take those out. However, that doesn’t mean it should feature a wide range of topics with no relation to each other. Doing this can overwhelm and annoy users, causing them to click out of your newsletter without taking action, or hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button to your emails.

One way to combat this is to plan your content in advance. We’ve mentioned before that digital marketing is like an eco-system that relies on each individual sector for success, and this is no different when it comes to your newsletters. Be sure to pick a theme of relevant content to include and avoid adding everything but the kitchen sink.

3. Dry, Boring Content

Even if your newsletter is going to customers and clients in the B2B sector, it doesn’t mean it has to lack life. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is writing boring content that just doesn’t really resonate with users.

Instead, try adding in some zesty headlines and even funny imagery or anecdotes where it makes sense. If you’re not convinced, try running an A/B test in a more professional tone and one with a more lighthearted tone to test the waters and see what works best for your audience.

4. Lifeless Stock Imagery

Email newsletters are highly visual, and imagery matters just as much as the actual content you’ve included. Gmail is one of the most widely used platforms out there, and their inbox now features a highly visual promotional content section, so captivating images matter more than ever.

We’re not saying you have to completely avoid using stock, but whenever possible try to feature original content that will draw users in. When selecting imagery, be sure it aligns perfectly with your content and is something users can connect with.

Pro tip: Although it doesn’t happen often, certain email platforms may not display your imagery properly. Some users reading your email may also be visually impaired. For these reasons, be sure to add alt-text to all pictures.

5. Too Much Text

As we mentioned above, newsletters tend to rely heavily on links and CTAs, not so much on heavy walls of text. Studies have shown that newsletters with around 20 lines of text or roughly 200 words tend to have the highest click-through rates across many industries. However, you want to still make sure you’re effectively conveying your message.

Using those captivating headlines we mentioned before will help you draw in users, where you can then expand with short lines of text to get your point across. In place of lots of text, include links to blogs or find ways to have your images do the talking. However, if you’re promoting an event in your newsletter, don’t leave out any important details!

When it comes to your newsletter, what you don’t do matters. The average reader spends about 20 seconds scanning through your content, giving you a short amount of time to capture attention and inspire a click. Cutting the excess from your newsletter ensures they see your most important content when it matters most.

It’s time to level up your email marketing strategy, and the email newsletter aficionados at Cape & Bay are ready to help you do it. Contact us today and release the transformative power of &.

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