SEO & Lead Generation Services

In today’s digital world, success is about breaking through the noise to drive conversions. At Cape and Bay, we deliver highly optimized websites using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices so that customers can find your brand and increase organic traffic.

SEO Strategies That Brings Visibility to Your Brand

A healthy SEO strategy begins with conducting the proper upfront competitive analysis. What are people searching for in regards to your industry? We dive deep into keyword research to find the questions your customers are seeking answers to. Performing audience research gives us a full picture of the most effective ways to drive Google traffic to your unique site, and away from the competitors.

SEO is all about keywords and how they’re put to use within your site. Creating recognition for branded keywords, or search terms featuring the name of your business, is a way to not only get found but also create brand loyalty. Long-tail keywords are very specific, 3-4 word search terms your audience is looking for. Our team creates website copy and metadata that takes both national and local SEO into consideration to capture quality traffic.

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your site to be crawled and indexed by Google and is a piece of the puzzle that simply cannot be overlooked. We conduct site audits to find any areas of opportunity to optimize your site’s on-page SEO. The importance of off-page SEO can’t be forgotten either. Through link-building campaigns, we gain authority for your brand on the web.

Lead Generation Services that Deliver

Along with search engine optimization, our team is tenured in conversion optimization. Increased website traffic doesn’t mean anything if customers aren’t converting, so we test and retest until we find the right tactics to make customers convert.

Outfitting your website with content that provides meaningful information to potential customers is essential to building trust and providing greater visibility into your brand. Our SEO team conducts in-depth copy optimizations to capture the attention of potential customers. Using a mix of content and form optimizations, we turn that traffic into leads.

Having the right content in place is essential to an effective lead generation campaign. We create landing pages tied to specific areas or products of your business, making it easy for customers to find the information they need. Blog content is another piece of a well-functioning lead-gen machine, acting as a great way to establish value and thought leadership in the minds of your audience.


What Cape & Bay Can Deliver With Our SEO & Lead Generation Strategies


Our SEO services create improved SERP rankings, giving your business the opportunity to show up higher in Google’s search results and gain more impressions with potential buyers.


Our team wants to get your business seen. We create fully-realized SEO and lead generation strategies to meet your business’ goals of increasing organic visibility and site traffic.


We create lead gen machines that are designed to perform. It’s not just about getting leads into your site, it’s about finding qualified leads and motivating them to become customers.

Ready to Get Your Business in Front of Customers?