Digital Advertising & Paid Media Services

Cape & Bay's advertising services maximize your return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) by creating advertisements that connect with your target audience month after month. We're here to help you get those conversions.

How We Deliver Kick*ss Digital Advertising & Paid Media Campaigns

Leveraging PPC and CPC advertising campaigns, our experienced team crafts remarketing and retargeting strategies to increase conversions around the web.

Our strategically placed canvas, display, and dynamic ads work seamlessly to establish your brand in the digital space. Using engaging imagery, copy, and video, we get you noticed.



Our search engine marketing (SEM) strategies optimize your social media presence through both paid and native advertising to build up your brand recognition and share of voice.

Findability is the name of the digital marketing game. We help users find you on the platforms they're already using, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Utilizing Google Ads and platforms like AdRoll, we expand your reach.

What You Can Expect from Our Digital Advertising & Paid Media Services


Digital ads aren't just something you can set and forget. To make the best ads possible, our team uses A/B testing to optimize ads. 

We increase your ROI and ROAS

Specializing in reaching your target audience, our digital team creates targeted ads that resonate with your audience to maximize the impact of each and every impression.

Our team gets you noticed

Every publication is a chance to build up your brand, that's why our experts make sure yours get seen with well-planned communication strategies.

Ready to Create Digital Ads that Convert?