TikTok Platform Changes 2023

It’s a new day and the world has changed. The way we communicate, connect, and engage with each other is constantly changing—and we’re here to show you what’s new.

With over 2 billion users, TikTok has become a household name in just a few short years. But it’s not satisfied with the status quo. It’s moving into new territory: advertising and marketing opportunities.

These new opportunities will give advertisers and marketers access to an audience like never before—an audience that is young, engaged, and ready to buy what you’re selling. And with these platform changes comes a whole host of new tools designed to help you reach customers in new ways.

We’re going to explore some of the most recent updates to TikTok. You’ll see how brands can connect with their audience in different ways and learn about new features that change how people interact with each other. All the while painting a picture of how everything works together to create a whole new level of connectivity.

Updates for Advertising 

Cookie Changes.

TikTok is changing the way it tracks cookie settings. Now, advertisers will be able to add first-party cookies, allowing them to track site activity and attribute ads across browsers. Previously, attribution was locked to single-session tracking. 

With this new change, advertisers can track if a user saw an ad multiple times across different sessions and then decided to purchase on another device or browser. Adding first-party cookies gives advertisers the ability to make more informed decisions based on consumer purchase data across multiple platforms. These metrics will give advertisers a better understanding of conversions directly resulting from TikTok ads.

Despite the recent changes to iOS that depreciate first-party cookies, TikTok is the latest platform to add them to its platform. It’s an interesting move considering Google and Meta’s decisions to phase out first-party cookies.

TikTok Pulse.

TikTok Pulse is the new way to drive engagement and action within the millions of diverse communities on TikTok. With 12 categories of Pulse, brands can place their ads next to the most culturally relevant content.

For brands worried about what content they are featured next to, using TikTok Pulse will alleviate any concerns. Thanks to TikTok’s proprietary inventory filter, that ensures ads will only be featured by verified creators and by content relatable to the brand.

Post-campaign measurement tools provide the opportunity and transparency to analyze and understand the impact of a campaign.


The platform is rolling out a brand new monetization feature through TikTok Pulse. It’s an ad-based revenue model that will allow content creators to make money off their videos.

This feature will initially only be available on the top 4% of videos to users with 100k followers or more. If the content falls within the set Pulse categories, then the creator will receive a share of ad revenue based on how many views their video gets. 

The addition of ad monetization will incentivize creators who haven’t signed up for ad monetization yet to do so now, as they can get paid directly by Tiktok instead of having to go through an outside company as they have in the past. 

This update is also expected to change how users interact with trends on the platform. Users will hop on trends quicker in an attempt to get over the monetization filter.

TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop is TikTok’s latest venture into e-commerce. The service allows users to buy products directly through the app, and it’s now rolling out to more markets.

TikTok Shop is a new way for merchants to sell their products directly to the millions of consumers on the platform. TikTok Shop will allow brands to create their own storefronts and showcase products that they want to sell.

In the US, TikTok Shop is currently only available for a limited number of merchants to test the solution. The company plans to open up access further in the coming months.

Organic Feature Updates

TikTok Now.

The world is moving at a fast pace, and so is TikTok.

The app introduced a new feature called TikTok Now, which gives users the ability to share their everyday moments in a new way.

TikTok Now is seemingly inspired by the recently popular social media app BeReal. BeReal allows users to snap a photo of what they are doing during a 2-minute period. In the same spirit, TikTok Now gives users a 3-minute time frame to take 10-second videos or photos of what they’re up to.

This new feature gives TikTok users more authenticity than ever before—a lens not sugar-coated by social media filters. Which allows users to express themselves in ways they may not feel comfortable exploring on other platforms.

TikTok Live Subscription Feature.

Tiktok is adding a subscribe feature to its live-streaming function. Users who subscribe to your channel can see when you go live and will receive notifications whenever you post new content or interact with them directly through comments or messages. Subscriptions are further incentives for users to integrate the live function into their content mix.

Subscriber perks will include:

  • Subscriber Badges. Subscribers are awarded badges that appear on their profile pages, growing in prestige as their subscriber status rises.
  • Custom Emotes. Subscribers have exclusive access to a variety of custom-designed emotes to use during the LIVE session.
  • Subscriber-Only Chat. Subscribers can engage in an even more personal dialogue with the chance to talk one-on-one with their favorite content creators. 

Brands should take advantage of the Live-streaming feature by creating sponsored content that includes relevant hashtags and tags related to their brand. Creators have the biggest opportunity for growth with subscriber-only features. These features allow creators to engage with their fanbase in new ways and develop more chances to grow their audience—and you know what that means: more money.

Profile Kit.

TikTok’s new partnership with Linktree allows creators to display up to six videos on an external site, helping them build their brand and increase reach.

The videos play without having to navigate away from the Linktree app, so your visitors can watch them without ever leaving your profile.

Build your brand 

If you want to build a brand, you have to be where your customers are. TikTok is a great place to start; it’s easy to connect with audiences and first-party cookies can help you keep track of what’s working. With the right strategy, you can use TikTok to build relationships and create a loyal following. 

With the right strategy, TikTok can be a powerful ally for your brand. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, call Cape & Bay to learn more about how we can help you build relationships with consumers and grow your business.


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