What to Expect From a Digital Transformation Company

The digital marketplace is vast and influential. In fact, 1.79 billion people made purchases online in 2019 alone. Not only can this be a powerful and profitable tool, but it’s growing more rapidly than ever. The value of the digital market is projected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021 with about 4.5 million people already online globally. With mobile usage becoming the fastest-growing segment at about 4.2 billion users, making sure that your digital transformation efforts are optimized for mobile is crucial for your company’s growth.

Looking deeper into what inspires e-commerce purchases, recent consumer behavior reflects gravitation toward brands with interesting designs, a catchy voice, full-transparency and the ability to make a connection with the company. Depending on your target market, most aspects narrow down to different types of pain points, consumer-connections, and goals. Understanding your audience and what they’re looking for is the key to designing and executing a killer digital presence.

As the culture of younger generations develops, we’re beginning to see that both Millennial and Gen Z consumers value convenience, communication, and branding significantly higher than their predecessors. Millennials make 60% of their purchases online, and with their ages now ranging from 23 to 38, they have the buying power to make all the difference for your company. 

However, they’re not the only ones online. Data shows that 72% of consumers aged 50-64 are active internet users. Since taking advantage of these clear opportunities may seem beyond your immediate team’s capabilities, partnering with an experienced, data-driven digital transformation company to create a strategy that meets your audience “where they are”, is becoming a more common choice for brands looking for a digital transformation.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

From scalability and tracking to overall cost-effectiveness, traditional marketing methods don’t quite stack up to their digital counterparts anymore. When we say traditional marketing, we’re referring to things like radio, television, and magazine advertising. While these mediums can be effective, they tend to have a shorter shelf-life than their digital counterparts and a higher cost to convert. Furthermore, the lack of clear-cut attribution using these outdated channels can be a major drain on resources over time for companies that don’t have billion-dollar budgets.

Highly trackable results come from measurable methods. Digital marketing drives data collection and gives you the information you need to understand the one thousand foot view of your campaign efforts. When the conversions from a digital campaign begin decreasing or aren’t hitting desired rates, an expert digital transformation agency can easily pinpoint the moment your consumers move off of your website and adjust to deliver results. 

In this aspect, traditional marketing just doesn’t compare. As previously mentioned, a major drawback is that these forms of advertising lack a clear-cut method to tie purchases to the ads. Someone may have seen your billboard or liked your radio ad, yes, but determining with any level of certainty that your customer made their purchase as a direct result of that ad is nearly impossible. Without this knowledge, it can be challenging to analyze what pieces of your strategy are working and where you need to make adjustments. To top it off, once a traditional ad has been placed, adjusting or editing after the fact can add to your costs dramatically.

Your Marketing Needs a Digital Transformation Agency

Utilizing digital transformation strategies can amplify your reach, increase the effectiveness of your communications, provide a deeper understanding of your target audience and their needs, and streamline your conversions and tracking. Partnering with the right digital transformation company can be the key to accomplishing the results your brand has been striving to achieve.

Our incredible team brings ingenuity, experience, and results through strategized brand positioning. Effective digital transformation starts at your company’s core. The right agency stages your products and services for rapid growth and will help to optimize every aspect of your communications in order to establish the perfect fit between your brand and your consumers.

Digital transformation agencies do this by putting in hard work and elbow grease. Agencies like ours put their time, money and skills into staying ahead of every trend while building your brand in a manner that resonates with your customers. Identifying the values within your company that differentiate you in your industry and positioning them to best appeal to your target audience is only the first step. 

An experienced agency should then apply this knowledge in uniquely creative ways to transform your digital presence into an ecosystem that engages your customers where and when they are most likely to buy. The goal, above all else, is to capture the attention of your customers and make lasting connections in their mind while helping them buy your product with the least amount of friction possible.

Digital Advertising & Paid Media

The first step for bringing new consumers to any of your digital channels is reaching them. Leveraging online advertising and paid media, the right digital transformation company will find your audience and spark their interest. This should create a steady flow of traffic and conversion opportunities straight to your door.

When looking to capture consumer interest for your brand, working with experienced inbound marketers makes all the difference. The right tactics and compelling content will create buzz, interest, and curiosity. It’s not just about drawing attention though, it also takes constant monitoring to ensure your ads are working. In today’s digital world, perfectly tailored communications are what set businesses apart from the herd.

UX/UI, Branding, & Design Services

UX/UI, or User Experience, is one of the most important aspects of your website. Think of this as the roadmap and foundation of your site, creating the pathways that allow your consumers to effectively interact with your messages and services. When a company’s website is difficult to navigate or understand, users tend to get frustrated and leave without making a purchase. These are lost opportunities and optimizing your digital experience can stop issues like these in their tracks. 

Our user experience experts work to develop the seamless experience your consumers are looking for while maintaining your voice and branding continuity. Positioning your brand to build audience interest and drive conversions is another way to raise the bar when it comes to digital design. These components, and many more, can be more easily achievable when working with the right digital transformation agency.

Web, App, & Custom Development

Your company’s online real estate is the way your target market gets to know you. Making the experience at each touchpoint streamlined, enjoyable and memorable can be the difference between a website or app visitor and a lifelong customer. Skilled designers and developers build every detail of your web applications and mobile software to deliver incredible experiences to your customers that make them want to come back.

Being able to deliver unique digital engagements sets your brand apart by making it instantly sharable and buzzworthy. From mobile apps, to mobile-responsive websites, our web development team creates unforgettable online experiences that inspire these reactions and build value in your customer interactions.

Inbound Content Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, content is king. Getting your audience interested in your brand is just the beginning. Compelling content should captivate your audience, creating deeper connections that entice buying decisions. This is another essential component for building brand advocates and lifelong customer relationships. 

By connecting with your customers at a higher level, our content experts encourage repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing to keep customers interested. When you’ve worked hard to build a brand that elicits buying action, allowing that interaction to end with a one-time purchase is a lost opportunity. The real opportunity is achieved when your customers feel compelled to re-engage with your brand over and over. Keep consumers coming back with worthwhile content strategies, and they’ll start doing some of the marketing for you.

Find a Digital Transformation Agency That Gets You Results

Digital transformation is about more than simply making your website look nice. It’s about elevating your brand’s position in the marketplace. A position that incites excitement and curiosity with your target market while maintaining continuity on every one of your online channels to deliver an incredible digital experience. 

E-commerce, or online acquisition, can be convenient. In many cases—however—unique connection and interaction are lost in the digital world. Partnering with the right digital transformation company can ensure that you truly stand out by giving your customers value in ways that traditional marketing just can’t match. Learn how we work together and infuse cost-effective, results-driven, compelling communications with every aspect of your brand. 

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