Every successful brand
elicits awe and wonder.

Every successful brand elicits awe and wonder.

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The power of big ideas.

Your audience’s connection to your brand is driven by campaigns that enhance their lives. It all begins with big, multidimensional brand ideas.
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Shae-style self confidence.

The Shae brand aesthetic of photography, site design and tone are specifically created to exude the confidence and personalization of the relationship clients have with their most-trusted hair stylist.

Omnichannel hyper-targeting.

The TruFit campaign illustrates how Cape & Bay is able to create a full-funnel, omnichannel approach – but specifically target hard-to-reach customers to maximize reach and outmaneuver the competition.
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Renewal, in a bottle.

While researching product trends throughout the beauty industry, more-convenient skincare created for active lifestyles is sweeping across Asia. We’re working with influencers to bring instantly effective products to the US.

Big, inspired brand ideas captivate the marketplace and induce your targets to act. Creating brand advocates and exponentially amplifying your reach and budget. This is how we do.


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