& Culture

Cape & Bay believes in the transformative power of &. & is tireless in its quest for more. & is inclusive, collaborative and integrated. & brings together our clients’ most insightful brand truths and our agency’s greatest capabilities.

We excel at people-centered strategies married to innovative executions. Where emotionally resonant content intersects culturally inventive platforms. And personally inspiring branded ideas are amplified by adaptive and expansive emerging new technologies.

Our Approach

Our approach to marketing is simple: People first.

To connect with your buyers on a personal level, we research, analyze, and understand what is culturally relevant and trendy; we then apply that knowledge to execution, and deliver significant results.



We trace back from where you’ve been to get to where you want to go. We use historical data to get a thousand-foot view, then hit your target market with laser precision.



We use data to make people-driven decisions. We believe numbers only tell part of your buyers’ stories. We look beyond metrics to gather real insight into consumer behavior.



We gather intel on your market, consumers, and competition, and build a plan of execution to achieve your goals. Then we cycle back to keep your business growing.



We’ve been at this for over 15 years and have extensive experience managing campaigns and collecting data to be able to deliver fast, measurable, and consistent results for each client.



We run campaigns through well structured, and detail-oriented scaling strategies. Our goal is not only to understand how where your best customers are today but to anticipate where they’ll be tomorrow.



Your customers aren’t monoliths. Some don’t fit into a box. We thrive on finding the hidden whys and hows of your target markets. We are about building relationships with consumers and communicating across demographics.

Don’t settle for promises; count on results.

Some firms rely on meaningless fluff and numbers to get by. We know not all metrics are created equal. Our team is strong with creative and analytical minds who put people and experiences before figures.